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  • Aleksandr Tonkov is happy with life as a factory Husqvarna rider for the Wilvo Nestaan racing team. His status means that he gets to experiment with the latest components for the track and last weekend at Arco Di Trento for the MXGP of Trentino the Russian used a new WP air shock in the rear suspension system of his FC250.

  • Last year Ricky Carmichael visited the UK for his RCU, which as we reported in DBR, it was a big success. TooFast Films were on hand to film and they got some cracking footage of the legend. While he was there, Ricky did a lap of FatCat with a GoPro attached, so out of interest we thought how would his time compare to Nathan Watson’s.

  • It's coming down to the wire of the 2014 Monster Energy Supercross series. Check out the latest from Dirt Shark at the Seattle SX... moto, fans, and hot chicks at its finest!

Sponsorship / Personal Portfolio Films

In these very tough economic times riders have to stand out from the crowd and present themselves in a professional manner to be noticed.

This is where Toofast films can help. Be one step ahead of the competition and let us produce a showcase film for potential sponsors or as a thank you for existing sponsors. The film will include:

A 6 to 8 minute professionally produced video including a mix of:

  • An imaginative introduction and end credits
  • Detailed information about the rider and their achievements built around a film showcasing the riders talents.
  • Traditional footage with very creative angles using unique equipment and shots choreographed to music
  • Slow motion footage at high FPS
  • On board footage using the latest onboard cameras (Go Pro Hero HD2 and Contour Plus) with helmet mics so they commentate whilst riding
  • Interviews with the riders (if they would like this)
  • The film can be tailored to one potential sponsor or generic to appeal to many
  • The film can be created as a DVD,Blueray or internet ready file (2 copies of the selected format will be provided in the package)
  • A bonus disc of all the helmet cam footage will be provided FOC so the rider can study their riding skills from the onboard camera session
  • The option to have your film put on the Toofast film website and Youtube channel FOC. As the UK’s number one Youtube channel this will give the rider maximum exposure around the world
  • Note rider films can be filmed at an open practice day(with track owners permission) or private practice tracks. Riders are responsible for track fees. If you want a race covered please see event coverage.

Prices are dependant on location and distance covered but start from as little as £199.